What Is A Multimedia Company?

Many people are still unclear because the term multimedia has taken on a couple of different meanings depending on the context it is used in. If you came to this page because you had the question “What is a multimedia company?” you are on the right page. Let’s Talk Productions is a multimedia company. We provide a variety of digital media services for businesses.

The term “multimedia” means exactly what the word implies… using multiple media forms to communicate a message.  The term media is plural, whereas the singular term for this word is “medium.”  While I enjoy working with all aspects of media, my favorite medium is video, with Flash coming as a close second.

Books, newspapers, email, text, video, audio, websites, posters, postcards and photography are all forms of media. The medium used should be both purposeful and beneficial.

When customers contact a Media Company looking for multimedia services, they generally are looking for some kind of digital publication or production that will be somehow communicated over the web or distributed electronically.  Apps development have become a common digital medium that businesses all over the world have embraced. 

The Future Of Media Technology

I am predicting if it hasn’t been predicted yet that after we have all gotten over our mobile devices, the next big media craze will be the internet fused together with television.  Users are able to browse the Internet on their televisions.  It’s just like sitting on your couch flipping through cable channels, except now the channels will be internet or web-based channels.

Examples Of Multimedia Services

  • Video Production
  • Audio Production
  • Apps Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • DVD or Blu Ray Production
  • Ebook Creation and Developmemt
  • Adobe Flash Development or Animation
  • Presentation Creation

Marketing usually goes into these services.  The company may simply provide the technical services of putting the finished product together based on pre-written specifications; or they may incorporate marketing strategy into the project in-house.

If you have a website already and want to be sure you are ready for the next phase of technology, contact your provider and let them know… or call us!