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If you want to get better SEO results, this simple article can get you well on your way.

While SEO is the first step to positioning your website in front of millions of customers, it doesn’t stop there. The internet is changing every day. In some ways that is good and in other ways it makes it just a little more challenging to be found on the web. The old-fashioned way of promoting your business still works and is highly effective.

Tips For Better SEO Results

  1. Pass out flyers, business cards, promotional items
  2. Have people spread the word about your website through word of mouth.
  3. Have people forward your email blasts and promotional electronic materials.
  4. Host Free Events

While many companies have gotten away from this because of the internet, large companies still know the value of this and still send coupons to you in the mail, host events and pass out promotional items to get you to come into their store.

Don’t forget about SEO and traditional methods of marketing even if we do have Social Media.

The truth is, the most effective way to get people to go to your website is to start with the family and friends you know and ask them to visit your site and sign up to be on your list. What this does is get traffic going to your site. Google will notice that and count it an you get credit for it and they send more traffic your way. However you have to be sure to have Google Analytics set up for your site.

To have the best results with SEO, there should always be some kind of activity related to your website whether it is increasing the number of pages to your site by adding new content or passing out promotional items with your website address on them.

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